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People pleaser cap

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Cette casquette est such a vibe. La couleur jaune bébé avec le petit lilas: magnifique *chef kiss*.

Personne aime être un people pleaser but we still are. This is a reminder to stop being a people please and just live your damn life as you want it.

People pleaser: someone who cares a lot about whether other people like them, and always wants others to approve of their actions.

11 Ways to Stop Pleasing

  1. “Let Me Get Back to You”
  2. Add Delay (think about what you want)
  3. Start with Small Noes
  4. Stop Saying “I Can’t” and say I don't want 
  5. Rewrite Your Story
  6. Know Your Goals
  7. Get Rid of Toxic People:
  8. Stop Apologizing
  9. Optimize Your Apology
  10. Unleash Your Internal Validation
  11. You can’t please everyone. You’re not pizza.


Casquette 100% coton, 6 panneaux non structurés.


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