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LTJ offers only stainless steel jewelry

Les trouvailles de Jen offers only stainless steel jewelry. This means you can wear your jewelry in the shower, ocean, pool & it won't tarnish or turn green/blue.

Why you should buy stainless steel jewelry? : affordability (almost everything under 35$), hypoallergenic (stainless steel is 99% hypoallergenic so it is almost 100% safe for everyone : individual sensitivities can vary), durability & long lasting shine.

How to take care: It requires no cleaning! So enjoy wearing your jewelry worry free.

For the gold plated stainless steel jewelry you can wear it in the water as it won't tarnish, to keep the gold for the longest period you should avoid contact with water, chemicals or abrasive surfaces. If contact with water or chemicals is repeated, the jewelry will lose its brilliance and this will damage its protective layer.

How to take care: Remove the jewelry before being in contact with water, cream, sweat, perfume & other chemicals to preserve the gold plating.

That's it. We hope you'll become one new happy customer of the LTJ club.

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